Rahbord Danesh Pouya Research and Engineering Institute has been established since 2006 with groups of masters and graduates in Water resources Engineering, Urban Planning, Industrial Engineering, Management and Economics.

Providing strategic and operational solutions for nationwide challenges, achieving comprehensive and stable development by applying professional and specialized knowledge, Identifying Iran's climate and creating synergy between existing knowledge and experiences have been done. All of which by dint of modern methods based on contribution, creativity, bearing in mind benefits for all levels and providing sincere operation as institute's policy.

Promoting professional expertise which can be brought up at international level along with keeping ethical principles are the perspectives in which the Institute endeavor's to achieve.

Considering principal motto of the Institute “Research is prerequisite in decision making” emphasizes necessity for accurate, comprehensive, and expert studies before any action, regardless of any and all considerations.

Deputy of Planning and Strategic Supervision granted Grade 3 to this Institute in the field of irrigation and drainage systems. Performing numerous projects, this institute has published four books, provided several articles and one professional journal as well.

Organizing more than hundred training courses and expertise, workshops especially in the areas of value engineering, water engineering, and crisis management are the other activities of this institute.


Fields of Activity:

Rahbord Danesh Pouya Research and Engineering Institute offers services related to engineering, training, research, and consultation in the following fields,

  • Planning, optimizing, and engineering of water-related systems through comprehensive and integrated prospects.
  • Planning, value management and engineering
  • .............

Fields of Activity

Ethical and professional charter of the Institute:

  • From our point of view, performance of professional experts (especially those solving the problems of society) is regarded as a great honor, so the utmost efforts should be put in order to fulfil the humanitarian purposes.
  • Behaving honestly, ethically, and professionally has ensured our success
  • ..............

Ethical and professional charter of the Institute


  • Honesty and observing professional ethics
  • Vitality, flexibility, and continuous knowledge acquiring
  • ........