Fields of Activity:

  • Rahbord Danesh Pouya Research and Engineering Institute provides its engineering, study, training, research, and consultation services in the following fields.
  • Planning, optimizing, and engineering of water systems with comprehensive and integrated prospects.
  • Planning, value management and engineering (training, installation and execution)
  • Integrated water management and water economics
  • Planning and comprehensive management of drought and floodwater
  • Strategic management and planning
  • Optimizing efficiency and effectiveness of systems and providing standards
  • Designing and organizing training, specialized and professional courses and workshops in activity fields of Institute

Ethical and professional charter of the Institute:

  • We believe performance of professional operations (especially those solving problems of people) as a great honor and always apply our utmost efforts in order to the fulfillment of our humanistic duties in this regard.
  • Always move forward keeping up to speed with latest progresses in our scientific field so that we have a pioneer institute in providing modern and applied solutions.
  • Behaving honestly, ethically, justly, and according to professional principles to ensure our success by this way.
  • We also believe establishment of long term, proper, and stable relation with colleagues and employer as the best way for professional and humanistic relationships.
  • We try to perform operations in a goal oriented approach through proper processes and based on undertaken time schedule under highest quality and without requiring any further supervision and control.
  • Always think optimistic
  • Considering good reputation as our great wealth and searching for worthy and stable relations.
  • We believe that creating an all-winning Situation considering conditions of all Parties would Bethe result of a successful Performance. We always explore for those solutions which meet interests of all beneficiaries at the same direction.


  • Honesty and observing professional ethics
  • Vitality, flexibility, and continuous acquirement of knowledge
  • Studying and performing exact research before decision making and any practical action
  • Taking advantage of contribution of all stakeholders in different stages of work
  • Respecting to human dignity and being faithful to the rights of the society and future generations